Our meat from Guasch house at Perpignan, our fish from Marée Service house at Perpignan and from Puignau in south Catalogne  house, our duck from  Collverd farm in south Catalogne  house and our fruits and vegetable from Illibéris house at Elne.

Our Starters

Home made duck liver “Foie Gras” pâté   17,50€
Gratined mussels with garlic maonnaise  11,00€
Home made Collioure anchovies pâté   11,00€
Charolais beef Carpaccio with Mas Boutet olive oil bio and grana padano cheese  12.00€

Our Salads

 Large Small
Périgourdine Salad (Green Salad, tomatoes, gizzard, mushrooms, bacon bits, duck, home made duck liver foie gras, walnuts) 17,50€  10,00€
Mix Cheese Salad (Green Salad, grana padano cheese, samosa goats cheese, mezcla cheese, mix vegetables, walnuts, grill bread) 12,50€  7,00€
 Caesar Salad ( Green Salad, tomatoes, onions, grana padano cheese, chicken filet, grill bread) 12,50€  7,00€

Our meats

Grilled duck breast               16,50€
Grilled veal kidneys 16,50€
Angus rib eye steack 16.50€
 Beef tataki  16.50€

Our fishs

Salmon tataki 16,50€
Fresh red drum fish grilled 17,00€
Mix fishs grilled ( for 2 pers.) 58,00€
Grilled king prawns 16,50€
Grilled Sea bass planxa 16,50€

Our suggestions

Camembert baked 16,00€
Vegetarian poke bowl 12,50€
Salmon poke bowl 15,50€
Beef poke bowl 15,50€
Catalan Hamburger  15.50€

Our Bellota discovery

Discovery bellota share 2 and 6 pers

Paleta bellota, chorizo bellota (hot spanish sausage), saucisson (spanish sausage) bellota,

Saucisson (spanish sausage) or Chorizo (hot spanish sausage) Bellota plate 10,00€
Paletta Bellota plate 22,00€

Our desserts

Cheese plate                7,00€
Ice cream 3 flavours                 4,50€
Chocolate mousse                 7,00€
Catalane cream                  7,00€
Fine apple tart                  7,00€
Lemon mousse with nougat                   7,00€
Figs/Apricot Tiramisu                    7,00€
 Banyuls poched pear with hot chocolate and muscat sorbet  8,00€

suite 😉

Dame Blanche 6,50€
Coffee or Chocolate Liégeois 6,50€
Gourmet coffee 8,00€
Gourmet Tea 9,00€
Béké ou Colonel 9,00€